Jokun Farms Ltd

Jokun Farms Ltd

Jokun Farms is a Nigerian agro-focused company using tech, innovation and global best practices to improve food quality and commodity trading in Nigeria. They create access to premium markets for indigenous farmers that we work with.

Jokun Farms has their international headquarters in Jos Nigeria and their African Subsidiary in Zambia with France as their international Agro development partner.

BRiL is currently assisting Jokun Farms to raise a total of $10m in trade financing & restructured debt over the course of the next three years in order to meet national demand and international expansion.

  • Finance with Microfinance institutions
  • Trade financing with Trade finance firms
  • Finance with a private lender and Polaris bank.

The BRiL Solution Process outlined for Jokun Farms would ensure that they are able to expand their business both in Nigeria and Zambia, solidify their international partnerships with France and other National Development players and in conclusion, ensure that their business is on a strong solid footing.