About Us

Introduction to BRiL

We are Africa’s Global Venture Back Office Firm that develops your business via our Value Creation and Innovation (VCI) DNA, transformational and worthy plans for your business to build, scale and stabilize an enduring vision.

Our Vision

To be the venture back office organization of choice for companies or organizations who want to greatly impact their industry and create immense value through innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand an organization's value creation and innovative capacity via talent innovation, accelerated revenue growth and increased capital opportunities.
about us

We are the firm you should have met and the only firm you would need to expand your business

Revenue Generation


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When we talk about ‘Value Creation and Innovation’ we speak in terms of improving and optimizing existing systems for growth. Our aim is to generally optimize white spaces in your business (think of the minivan as a white space in between a saloon car and a Jeep) even as we also improve on your existing business.

At BRiL, we ask ourselves, how your business can generate more revenue from what you already have. Our aim is to improve your current revenue generation systems by 1% daily.

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Why choose BRiL

There may be others but why choose us?

We are a venture back office talent and innovation-led firm with over $80m of Partner Assets Under Management (PAUM) & Aggregate Market Capitalization (AMC) which is rapidly adding up as we speak.