Microview Nigeria Ltd

Microview Nigeria Ltd

Microview is an indigenous communications, security & data management firm established since 1995 in Nigeria focused on providing communications infrastructure, information infrastructure, data management & home security management systems.

Microview has also grown internationally as it represents a plethora of firms around the world for & in Africa. Firms such as Dauha Technology – The worlds leading Video-Centric AIoT solution & service provider, HIKVision – The worlds largest surveillance firm, D-Link – the worlds leading networking solutions firm, Cambium Networks – a leading global provider of multi-gigabit Wi-Fi and broadband for business, residential and municipal applications in addition to over 10 other globally recognized & industry leading communications & network solution firms in Africa.

Microview is seeking to increase their revenue generation capacity, to enable the business expand its operations beyond it’s current borders.

  • RevOps Management Solution
  • Finance with Microfinance Institutions
  • Finance with a Private Lender

The BRiL RevOps Management Solution Process outlined for Microview would ensure that they are able to capture value, maximize their international partnerships.